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We design and fabricate highly reliable and mechanically robust physical sensors based on novel nanocomposites with applications in wearable sensors, automotive and aerospace technologies. Click here


Our research interests lie at the intersection of Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Nanotechnology. Our focus areas are:

  • investigate novel nanocomposite materials (both metallic and polymer based),

  • strive to understand their structure- property relationships through extensive characterization,

  • enhance sensing properties using micro/nano-structures,

  • design and fabricate high performance sensors for various applications​​


  1. "Multifunctional sensing skins for curved aircraft surfaces (MultiSENSE)”, Funded by SERB Core Research Grant in collaboration with IIT Roorkee, India , 2024-2027 ~47 lakh

  2. "Flexible sensoR Array for health Monitoring of Morphing structurEs (FRAMME)", Funded by SERB POWER Grant in collaboration with IIT Delhi, India , 2023-2026 ~48 lakh

  3. "Mechanically resilient and ultra-sensitive flexible strain sensors for soft machines", Funded by SERB International Research Experience (SIRE) Fellowship in collaboration with LNBD lab, Technion, Israel, 2023-2024.

  4. "Towards development of ultrasensitive strain measurement system using laminated nanocomposites (TESSLA)", Funded by Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) in collaboration with Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, 2023-2026 ~40 lakh

  5. "Developing high performance linear temper- ature sensor from nanocomposites" Funded by Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) in collaboration with Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany, 2023

  6. "Development of High performance flexible pressure sensors from nanocomposites using hierarchical microstructures" Funded by IIT Jodhpur, SEED Grant, 2021-2023~ 25 lakh

  7. "Highly conductive nanocomposite fibers for flexible temperature sensors (FlexTem)" Startup Research Grant funded by SERB SRG Grant, 2020-2022~ 28 lakh

  8. "Real Time Temperature Monitoring using Flexible Temperature Sensors (Flexmon)" Funded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Summer School, Cardiff University, 2018

  9. "Developing Multi-layered Nanocomposite based Thin Film Sensor" Funded by  Erasmus Mundus Action-II Interweave Grant by European Commission, 2015-20 16


Ongoing WORK:

  1. Development of ultrasensitive strain measurement system using printed flexible          and stretchable strain sensors

  2. High Performance Soft Strain/Pressure Sensors with Hierarchical Microstructures

  3. Trigger signal detection using strain sensing array

  4. Read-out of multiple sensors simultaneously in a flexible array with minimal error

  5. Statistical analysis of skin temperature measurement in a population


  • Particle size analysis of Ag Np synthesized using LASiS

  • Development of flexible temperature sensors from highly conductive                   electrospun nanocomposite fibers

  • Prediction of diameter size and bead formation in electrospun PVDF fibers using Interpretable Machine Learning

  • Impact of Taylor cone height on nanofiber formation through electrospinning

  • Visualizing stress transfer mechanism in BLG-PDMS nanocomposites

  • Optimising printable conditions for nanoink through DOD inkjet printer

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